How to List Your Item

Fixed price listings on RailroadKeys.Com
Listings posted on the site will last for 30 days.

1: Send an email to Email me your pictures with a Picture in JPG format.
I will use your picture to make a listing for your item. I will also research the item to include any information that could help the item to sell.

Include in the email the type of payments you accept (paypal, check, money order)

2: If you do not have a camera or know how to send a picture you can send the items to me at your expense and I will take the pictures and list them.

3: Once I have been contacted by a buyer wanting to buy one of your items I will contact the sell of the item and forward the contact information for the buyer

4: $10 Fee for listing the item will be due at the time item is listed. A listing may be one item to a group of items.
You also agree to all Terms and Conditions