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B&O Railway lock

Offered today is a cast lock from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad made by Gibson & Kirk Baltimore also included is an unmarked key that works the lock perfect. Gibson & Kirk started making locks in the late 1860´s. The only locks that they every made that where cast that I have seen where for the following railroads. Most common would be the EBTRR East Broad Top. Second most common would be the NCRW Northern Central. Third Not common at all would be the B&ORR same as offered. Forth and rarest would be the WMRR Western Maryland Railroad. The lock is in perfect shape with extra strong dust cover spring and lock pops open when unlocking with the key. To my knowledge this is the only true cast B&ORR lock ever made all other examples are stamped. Cast dust cover locks don´t count in my book. Lock has nice color that the pictures make look lighter than it really is. Lock is probably 1880´s to 1890´s the older locks made by Gibson & Kirk where stamped on the body next to the dust cover and a few of the oldest ones where stamped on the font side of the hasp.

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